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Aged 60 or over?

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged 45 or over?

At risk of developing or have a chronic health condition?

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Method of Delivery

Face-to-Face Group Sessions

10 participants per session form the essence of our Face-to-Face Group Sessions, serving as a crucial component of our Exercise Treatment Programs. These sessions are designed to foster community, mutual support, and enhanced motivation among participants for a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Participants are able to interact, share experiences, and encourage each other in a supportive and positive environment, all while receiving balanced, personalized attention and expert guidance, ensuring each individual fully reaps the benefits of a comprehensive and tailored exercise regimen, and advances on their journey to overall well-being and fitness.



We provide expertise through our multi-disciplinary approach to workplace health. Our onsite and phone health coaches are complemented by our specialist team that includes occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, dietetics, and communications. It is this multi-disciplinary approach that drives the depth of our multi-modal coaching services, ensuring that participants in our programs are getting the most effective support they need every time.

Healthy Business head office is situated in Hobart, Tasmania, with staff situated across all states and territories throughout Australia.